I saw videos on YouTube this morning about Derek Chauvin being stabbed in prison and comments saying they were glad. I posted responses saying they should watch the new documentary exposing the Floyd hoax and I named the documentary. Later I checked and saw my posts were deleted and then I got a message from YouTube saying my posts had violated their hate speech policy and if I kept doing that I’d no longer be able to post comments on YouTube. We no longer live in a free country. Does America even still exist as a country?

“The Fall of Minneapolis.” (1:42)

Alpha News documentary. Nov 18, 2023


“Why Megyn Kelly Says This New George Floyd Doc Will Completely Change How You Think About The Case.” (8 min)

Megyn Kelly. Nov 15, 2023


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Thank you Julie - Just finished the amazing podcast. So much great behind the scenes information here that everyone should hear. I agree Pence is a liar, weasel, coward & hypocrite ( I threw in a few more verbs ). I knew his campaign would fail as any conservative with a pulse would see right the him. Love Dr. Eastman’s attitude, what a national treasure. Trump is lucky to have him on his side, I sure hope he supports him & appreciates that this man is risking it all for him, our country & truth. I’ll be happy to support his fundraising with $ & prayers🙏🙏

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Mr. Eastman is a true patriot. My neighbor’s daughter who graduated Chapman about 5 yrs. ago said he was one of he best professors there. Godspeed Mr. Eastman 🙏

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I am a VFW and my night job is aa a volunteer firefighter.... People call us heroes; we call People like Eastman and Trump true heroes. I can fight back against known enemies; their fight is against limitless resources. Thanks again for honoring our service, Julie and Liz. The 80s ruled! We could say things like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jlsfTJYyT0

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O.M.G. What a fabulous tutorial of how this country is absolutely screwed when it comes to the infrastructure 'guiding' our elections and how we need to take it back. Eastman is absolutely right; fraud outcomes are not the problem it is the inputs as usual.

GET INVOLVED EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE. I live in podunk MN where we all know each other and it is very hard to 'steal' elections, but it IS coming. Get off your asses and demand involvement.

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Excellent, informative discussion. I'd like to share this post and the transcript to the recording. Where can I find a PDF of the interview?

Months ago I started working on a post about The 65 Project and the weasels involved. I'd love to add your interview & include the transcript, if possible.

I have 65's history, 990s, some newspaper articles - enough to expose their demonic actions.

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God bless John Eastman and all those fighting against the spirit of tyranny abroad in the land.

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It is always so encouraging to hear John Eastman, Esq. remind of who we were and the liberties we have been endowed with by Our Creator. May he have favor with the Bar, and the Courts.

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So much respect for the integrity and superior legal intellect (200+ cases before the SCOTUS) of John Eastman.

John Eastman’s courageous example EXPOSES 99% of his cowardly, opportunist lawyer-colleagues, for the trick-turning courtesans they are. "First-courtesan" is John Roberts…so cowardly.

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I recently subscribed to help support all the good you’re doing. Turns out it has also been profoundly informative. This interview with Eastman goes out into the weeds on the illegalities that occurred. I have been posting for a couple of years on the unconstitutionality of the many rule changes in 2020, but I did not know the minutia of how these changes actually affected the results. It would be a great benefit to have Eastman explain and inform us of many more of these. This is what we need to be able to impart to our own circles of influence to help others understand exactly HOW the election was stolen.

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Thank you for your great interview of John Eastman on “ Happy Hour with Julie and Liz” . John is a great patriot and a superior constitutional law professor and intellect. I finally understand what happened Jan. 6 with Congress and Pence. Hurrah for John Eastman and Hurrah for Julie Kelly and Liz. All are truth tellers and patriots.

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Meant adjectives not verbs🙂

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Did you know that a winner of the 2024 Presidential election may not come to fruition due to a “contingent election”, which would then let Congress select the next President and Vice President?

This is what @RobertKennedyJr is trying to accomplish by running as an Independent. He’s trying to create a contingent election in which neither candidate gets 270 electoral votes.

RFK’s plan is to create a contingent election, as was admitted by his own PAC. An article outlining the PACs $15 million plan said,

“A statement outlining the new plan also said it’s confident that Kennedy could win a contingent election, a possible scenario where no presidential candidate gets 270 electoral college votes.”

This is why RFK switched from running as a Democrat to an Independent.

Recently, it was announced that “American Values” @AmValues2024, a Super PAC which was created to support RFK’s presidential campaign, is planning to spend $15 MILLION to get him on the ballot in 10 key states that collectively carry 210 electoral votes that are needed to win the 2024 election, including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Texas.

If RFK is able to pick up enough electoral votes to the point where neither Trump or Biden gets 270, then under the US Constitution, we would have what is called a “contingent election”, which is what happens if no candidate gets a majority in the Electoral College.

To win the Electoral College, a candidate needs a majority — at least 270 electoral votes. If there are more than two candidates and no one hits 270, that triggers a contingent election, a fallback process created by the Twelfth Amendment where the House of Representatives selects a president and the Senate selects a vice president.


House members vote as state delegations. Each state delegation gets a single vote, and a candidate becomes president with the support of a majority (26) of state delegations. If no candidate wins 26 state delegations by January 20th, then the vice president-elect becomes acting president. And if the Senate fails to select a vice president, then under the Twentieth Amendment and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, the next eligible person in the presidential line of succession (potentially the speaker of the House) becomes acting president.

This could be disastrous, given the fact that Republicans only hold a 1 seat majority in Congress right now with the early retirement of @SpeakerMcCarthy, several other GOP members of Congress, and the ousting of George Santos @MrSantosNY.

It will only take one more House GOP rep to retire early, and then Dems will have control of the House again before the 2024 election. I predict Dems take control of the House by March, and when they do, we will be one step closer to having a contingent election.

This is all part of their plan to make sure Trump and Biden aren’t the next President.

Congress would then be able to install their own President and Vice President if this happens.

Hopefully you now see why @RobertKennedyJr is so dangerous.

This could very well happen.


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I was surprised that this video popped up on my YouTube site today about the Floyd hoax with an interview with one of the producers. It is quite damning. She says the media won’t admit they were wrong. A long but excellent article below about why highly intelligent people are so easily able to convince themselves of obviously stupid and profoundly destructive things such as the benefits of open borders, dumbed down schools, demonizing “Whiteness!” in general and white cops in particular. They basically talk themselves into believing their own bs. Hard to see how we can survive the damage they’ve done and are quite determined to continue doing.

“What this means is that, while unintelligent people are more easily misled by other people, intelligent people are more easily misled by themselves. They’re better at convincing themselves of things they want to believe rather than things that are actually true. This is why intelligent people tend to have stronger ideological biases; being better at reasoning makes them better at rationalizing.”

“Despite being irrational, wokeism is nevertheless an intelligent worldview. It’s intelligent but not rational because its goal is not objective truth but social signaling, and in pursuing this goal it’s a powerful strategy. People who engage in woke rituals, such as proclaiming their pronouns during introductions, or capitalizing the word “black” but not the word “white,” signal to others that they’re clued-up, cosmopolitan, and compassionate toward society’s designated downtrodden. This makes them seem trustworthy and likable, and explains why wokeism is most prevalent in industries where status games and image are most important: politics, media, academia, entertainment, and advertising.”

“Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things.”

Intelligence is not rationality.

Substack. The Prism. Feb 13, 2023


“New documentary about George Floyd wants to ‘put the truth out there.’” (11 min)

Sky News Australia. Nov 21, 2023


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