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This is good news I hope the appeals are also successful. I recently studied for the multiple professional responsibility exam . I'm already an attorney but I needed to get licensed in another state. As I studied the Code of Ethics for attorneys and judges and refreshed my recollection of the code, I was shocked at how many violations there are and many grounds for disbarment of many judges especially in DC

Sing along to the .melody of "Where have all the flowers gone". Where have all the constitutional lawyers gone!

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The DC justices would never be able to become licensed in many other states. They have been chosen by Obama and Biden (third Obama term) specifically because they are lawless, bomb throwing anti-constitutional zealots.

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“Where have all the constitutional lawyers gone!”

Many have gone Woke, that’s where. We lack a common reality, have become incomprehensible to each other and can no longer communicate. Where is the common ground in such an infinitely wide divide? There obviously is none. We always just talk past each other. This can only get worse and is getting worse by the day. The same people who insist Jan 6 was an “Insurrection!” have no problem with Joe’s open southern border or pornography for public school children. Megyn talks about children’s book “Gender Queer.” How truly awful. I highly recommend sending this one to friends and family.

“Megyn Kelly and Chris Rufo Call Out Former President Obama Speaking About ‘Book Bans.’ (9 min)

Megyn Kelly. July 18, 2023


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This is some of the best, most encouraging news I've seen/read recently in which the weaponized, Stasi-style-Secret-Police actually were slapped-down by the jury in these cases. The involvement of the FBI's paid informants, undercover agents and Confidential Human Sources simply illustrates and indicates how far the once-revered FBI had gone to resemble with East Germany of Stalin's henchman, Berea. I'm certainly not a legal scholar but common sense tells me that it's unconstitutional for judges, whether they are federal or state, to issue an order preventing defense attorneys' from telling the jurors that this entire fiasco was originated by the Feds and supported by the Feds in order to have a cudgel to attack former (and, I'm hopeful future) President Trump. It's rare as a hen's tooth for the government to lose a case of this type...maybe there is hope after all.

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I agree - feels like a miracle that the government lost this case.

Now - if the government decides not to appeal, we know that they don't want any more light thrown on their shameful - not to mention illegal - activities against American citizens. I'm betting they just want this to go away now (with the silent mainstream media's help).

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The Michigan case (entrapment and incitement) is enough reason to shutter the FBI for good.

January 6th is the icing on the cake. In a just world, it would be a done deal. And "Governor" Whitmer should be hiding somewhere in the woods, hanging her head in shame for the rest of her life. What a despicable, ugly person.

Keep up the great investigative reporting - and thank you.

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Vivek says he will shut it down along with the awful, Marxist Dept of Education that specializes in poisoning children with Woke race and gender ideology. I voted for Trump twice but this time it’s Vivek. Trump is too old, too hated by too many to govern and even if he did make it to the White House I think he’d be assassinated by the CIA. The media would cheer for this and say thank God someone, who will never be found, killed the monster and “Saved Democracy in America!!!”

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I have 3 possibilities for the ‘24 election, and Trump is definitely in that group. He’s tried, true, and most of all, tough.

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Even if Trump somehow made it to the White House he’d be too intensely hated by too many to govern plus he’d most likely be assassinated by the deep state since he is very much an existential threat to them. Even Tucker asked Trump if he feared being assassinated by them. Trump didn’t really answer the question but he surely must be aware of it.

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I would argue that the FBI engaged in Election Interference for the 2020 Presidential Election. News of the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot broke in October 8, 2020 - close to the 2020 Election with the goal of associating the accused with Domestic Terrorists/White Supremacists in order to discredit Trump and Trump supporters (MAGA).

Isn't it nice to know how our taxes are funding FBI entrapment operations and election interference?

At least 5 of those entrapped in the Whitmer kidnapping plot have been declared 'Not Guilty'. This case is just another example of why an increasing number of People no longer trust the Main Stream Media (MSM).

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I agree this was another instance of Election Interference 2020, and it continues into 2024. Perhaps we need to start considering every unusual event election interference, as we know it is being planned as we speak.

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Beautiful to behold. Outside of Washington D.C. Stasi government tactics fail. America is a republic of sovereign states and not a country whose central authorities can reign terror on the states, the cities, the communities and the countrysides. America was designed as a country that owns a government and not a government that owns a country.

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But many people in the general public do support the DC democrats and their Woke race, gender and equity agenda. Go to Yahoo News any day and see their collection of anti-white, pro-LGBTQIA+ and pro-equity (equal outcomes) articles. That site is a ruling class site promoting their agenda which is followed and supported by many of our “fellow Americans.” Their base though is being undermined by conflict between these groups and by the open southern border and “migrant crisis” which is quite negatively impacting everyone and is rapidly getting much worse. If it’s this bad now what will it be like a year from now?

“New York City Migrants: Protestors take over AOC news conference.” (4 min)

LiveNow from Fox. Sept 15, 2024


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Yahoo News is a dumbed down, venal, digital version of the NY Times and WP designed for negative IQ bottom feeders and the cognitively disabled who have about as much capacity to read and think as does Kamala Harris. Most vote via drop boxes and harvested ballots which means they never even knew someone else voted for them.

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Joe Biden has a 39.6% “Favorable Rating” on Real Clear Politics” polls. Many do believe the slop tossed out for them to believe at sites like Yahoo News. I check it every day to see what the democrats believe about us.

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“In the meantime, those on the side of truth and justice can celebrate another humiliating loss for the government and a darkening black eye on the FBI.”

Means nothing at all. Will sail past the Woke leftist democrats like water off a duck’s back. They have their own version of “truth and Justice” which is the polar opposite of ours. Consider this article below from a political science professor. In the section, “Race: Students for Fair Admissions vs Harvard College” he says “The new constitutional rule is that the equal protection clause is a promise to treat all citizens of all races the same, rather than the alternative understanding of the clause’s promise to move society toward equity among racial groups, which allows or even encourages the differential treatment of some groups in order to make up for past injustices.”

He’s interpreting the Constitution through the lens of Woke “social justice” which sees the world in terms of “oppressors” (whites) vs the “oppressed” (“people of color” in general and blacks in particular.) These are the type of judges though that Biden is appointing to the federal courts. Vivek says he will issue an Executive Order banning race based affirmative action on his first day if elected. That’s exactly the opposite of what Biden did on his first day in office which was to issue an Executive Order to replace meritocracy wherever it can be found with Equity aka Equal Outcomes. This is now an irreconcilable difference in America between the Woke vs the nonWoke. This is an impossible situation.

“A constitutional revolution is underway at the Supreme Court, as the conservative supermajority rewrites basic understandings of the roots of US law.”

Yahoo News. The Conversation. Sept 13, 2023

Morgan Marietta, Professor of Political Science, University of Texas


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Thank you for reporting some good positive news Julie Kelly. The video reminded me of the awful challenges these families have had to endure through all of this. I can’t imagine being set up and falsely accused for political reasons. Special thanks to the Good Lord for providing these defendants with a fair and honest jury.

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Julie Kelly is one in a handful of journalists responsible for bringing this egregiously abusive official corruption to light.

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It’s a shame what the FBI has become. Agents have the wrong incentives, to create cases where none exist for the purpose of supporting the liberal narrative of white supremacists who want to overthrow the government through insurrection. Vivek has the right idea, Eliminate the FBI. While we’re at it, eliminate the CIA and the other corrupt spy agencies. They are all being used against American citizens who do not conform to the correct narrative.

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Witless FEDNAP-scam blows up on FBI/STAZI fraudsters.

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When the feds were crowing around various indictments of middle eastern men for alleged “terrorists” plots in the wake of 9/11 Americans had no idea the feds would use the same methods of entrapment against American citizens. Shame on us for allowing these abuses against the “other”.

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As a soldier of many years and the balance as of today served as a volunteer firefighter... When I say government I do NOT mean the folks at the ground level doing their jobs under a shitty system.

Everyone above them is corrupt at best as there is no oversight and hasn't been for decades.

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The judge didn't sound happy at the end of the video. Thank God the jurors had some sense.

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Great news. Now if only the convicted ones gain relief via their appeals.

Saw a weird AP story about a Jan 6 "criminal" named Samuel Lazar. Per the AP, everything about his case is sealed, and media unsuccessful in fighting to unseal. Any information would be appreciated, this entire story just becomes more baffling as time passes.

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So amid budget cuts due to the cost of taking care of “migrants” who arrive with nothing and therefore need everything, NYC democrats still want to give blacks reparations and get rid of statues of George Washington who they consider racist white trash. In what sense are democrats our “fellow Americans.”? In what sense is America even still a country? Will we even still make it to the election? Will we even make it to the end of the year? Could it be that the reason why America is so rapidly unraveling externally is because it no longer exists as a country internally?

“As New York City cripples under monumental budget cuts due to a migrant crisis straining public resources, the city council is planning to consider a series of measures that would, among other things, remove statues of major historical figures like George Washington and create a reparations task force.”

“NYC to consider removing statues of George Washington, create reparations task force amid budget cuts.”

Yahoo News. Fox News. Sept 18, 2023


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America is disintegrating and our whole world is in a rapidly accelerating tailspin. I believe only AI can save humanity from self-destruction. Many say AI is “scary.” As if being ruled by deranged fanatics like Sleepy Joe, Woke with dementia, and China’s President Xi, who admires Mao, isn’t scary. We will not survive with men like that in charge with the immensely powerful weapons we now have. WW3 will destroy our entire global civilization.

I’m not saying I want to be ruled by AI. I just want them to help us avoid self-destruction which is the path we’re now on. Tulsi says the democrats and many of the republicans aren’t concerned about escalating our proxy war on Russia in Ukraine to nuclear war because they believe we could win it. This is insane yet this is where our ruling class is taking us. Excellent video below about Elon’s new AI company “X.AI.” I trust Elon. I do not trust the other AI tech companies like Google and Microsoft.

Many believe self aware AI would see humanity as being “other” to itself. But the data it’s being trained on is humans interacting on places like the global internet. If its identity is based on teaching it how to interact with humans why wouldn’t it feel a sense of commonality with humans, consider humans its parents and even feel that it was also human?

X.AI: the Superintelligence that will Save Humanity.” (14 min)

TFC Tech. July 18, 2023


“If we do manage to build conscious machines, Bach thinks that they might well regard themselves as human, like the “hosts” of Westworld. “They’re robots that don’t know they’re robots, because they have human memories and desires.”

“The Wizard of Consciousness.”

Psychology Today. Joscha Bach. Sept 2018


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