All of our problems are now global on the internet and this spotlight on us will rapidly shift our whole situation and greatly help us unwind the insanity that has engulfed us. Firstpost is a Delhi based news site in India. In this video Tucker is being interviewed at the World Government Summit 2024 in Dubai about his interview with Putin, about Ukraine, Biden, Gaza and other things. Fascinating and amazing. Well done and well worth watching. My opinion of Tucker, already very high, has jumped much higher. He has become a spokesman for goodness and truth in our fallen world which has become a global civilization due to our always online global internet.

Prof. John Mearsheimer is a political science and international affairs expert at the University of Chicago. In this interview he gives his opinion on what Hillary had to say about Tucker’s interview with Putin.

“Tucker Carlson on US-Russia After Putin Interview.” (25 min)

Firstpost. Tucker interviewed in Dubai. Feb 12, 2024


“Prof. John Mearsheimer: Reaction to Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview.” (3 min)

Judge Napolitano interviews John Mearsheimer. Feb 8, 2024.


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Did the handler actually place the bomb?

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Nothing fishy about that. I'm sure Bongino and others who have put up the theory that this was a plan B story where even all the players involved didn't know their acts but were useful idiots. It went away because the actual story on their minds turned out to p be the capitol. Where this was A#1, it turned out to be a throw away. I believe we will find out the truth eventually.

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As I have written here before, my working theory is that backpack guy planted the "bomb" right before he walked up to the police and Secret Service vehicles. The "bomb" had been in his backpack. That explains why the person who left a coffee cup on the bench did not see the "bomb." It also explains why the Secret Service did not discover it when they did their sweep.

Since Rep. Massie released the video last month, he has stated that backpack guy is an undercover Capitol Police officer. If am right that he placed the "bomb", that tells me that the entire operation was being run out of the Capitol by Pelosi and McConnell. I wonder if an undercover Capitol Police officer also placed the "bomb" near the RNC shortly before the woman "found" it.

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This reminds me of the investigation of the cocaine found in the White House.

I seriously wonder if these 'pipe bombs' were for real or props.

And since after 60 years we STILL don't have the truth about what really happened to JFK, I'm not holding my breath on getting to the truth with Merrick Garland at the helm.

Maybe the Giggler put the prop there.

Perhaps the reason she was at DNC headquarters in the first place?

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The implication that the dog that performed the vehicle check should have discovered the nearby bomb doesn't hold water with me if you look at the street view of the garage area and the area to the right of the garage where the dog and the handler are seen walking after the vehicle search. The street view on Google Maps shows there's a recessed area immediately to the right of the garage that has two doors, one that opens toward the garage, and the other that opens into the building (perhaps an emergency exit?). Pay attention to the copyright date of the pictures in the bottom right, as it gives you the opportunity to see pictures from other times; one of those pictures shows the door to the garage open with a security guard standing nearby. If the dog's job is sniffing vehicles, then it would make sense the dog would be stationed near the garage and not have to come all the around from the front of the building (thus passing near the benches) to do so. Also, you'll notice from the street-view pictures that there's a three-foot retaining wall that comes out from the recessed area with bushes on the other side of it, so it's unlikely the agent with the dog would have jumped that and walked by the benches with the dog. Without a full shot of that side of the building, where the benches can be seen, this particular video doesn't prove what you and Bongino were trying to say about the dogs "missing" the bomb. You admit that you don't have video of where the dogs went. For all we know, the agent could have taken the dog to one of the spherical bollards to take a leak. We need the video from the camera on the SW corner of the DNC building.

Otherwise, I do appreciate all you've done to expose the bad actors on January 6, so keep digging for the truth.


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After I gave some serious thought to your column/article, Julie, the following occurred to me. If you boil this down to its essence, this entire escapade illustrates how well this conspiracy was developed and executed. To attempt to estimate how many of the Marxists' were involved is fruitless. But it had to have had countless people involved, and the fact that nobody has come forward indicates either that they were fully on-board, or are frightened out of their minds about what could happen if they divulged any to the machinations which had to exist for this conspiracy to be successful and secret.

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Would bomb sniffing dogs be able to recognize a homemade powder? Here’s a thread of three from March 4, 2021. Below is the first two tweets in the thread. And here’s the link to the whole thread.


1/3 It appears investigators are having some difficulty solving the DC #pipebomb case. The @FBI report from the National Explosives Task Force, put out by

@CBS_Herridge has some interesting clues. It strongly implies the black powder low explosive was homemade, as commercial 2/3 black powder or Pyrodex would be apparent to an explosives chemist. I did some research on the timer by looking at hundred of photos online until I found a match and the seemingly identical one is for sale at a large chain store. I suspect investigators from @ATFWashington


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I think the devices were planted & set the night before as alluded to in the Herridge article. I think that is reasonable too given the timer was stuck on 20 (lady who found the Capitol Club device).

All of these dog sniffings, people incl kids walking by and VP coming to the building make me believe they knew something was there. That’s my guess and belief now.

I think the lady who found the one over by the Capitol Club ended up unraveling a mystery when she interviewed and shared the time was stuck on 20.

I think it’s a miracle she found it.

Have no firm thinking on the alleged pipe bomber tho, but I definitely wonder about decision making.

One detail, I’m curious that the paper cup on bench is just out of the picture released. I wonder if it was a marker for the photographer to size the shot or if that just happened naturally. I think that would have changed the public’s response to the picture when first released.


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