An excellent Federalist article below by a woman who has totally lost faith in America. She worked for years to try to get the country to be what it’s supposed to be and totally failed to even budge it. All her years of effort for nothing. It is insanely absurd to claim that people like her went to the Capitol rally to attempt to overthrow the government. Best article I’ve seen of why so many went to the rally. They were basically protesting the fact the the country they loved had become a corrupt, degenerate, deranged monstrosity.

What though will replace this woman’s lost faith in America? And consider the fact that she has been labeled a “domestic terrorist” for attending the Capitol rally by Biden, democrats, the msm and even some republicans. Could it be that the reason why America is so rapidly unraveling externally is because it no longer exists as a country internally? Really an extremely sad article of a good woman betrayed by her country. I wonder if the stinking filth that rules this place tossed her in prison for being at the rally.

“Why I Am Joining the Jan 6 DC March For Trump.”

“0n Nov 4, 2020, I suddenly saw with my own eyes the depth and breadth of the political corruption myself and others had tried and failed to prevent for so many years.”


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I understand these rulings from some of the judges -- they are radical leftists. But I am confused, outraged at the rulings coming from Kelly - you would at least expect some fairness from a Trump appointed judge. This POS is the lowest form of scum.

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So whatever happened to those women who commandeered a Senate elevator with Senator Jeff Flake inside during the Kavanaugh hearings? Did they get zapped for interfering with a government function? Surely they were.

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omg Julie. it is so hard for me to wrap my head around this. Earlier I read about the young man who committed suicide and my heart just sank. Trump judge no less people have lost their minds. It’s so frightening.

And a president Joe, who doesn’t care about Maui about Palestine, Ohio about none of us. It makes me so angry.

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Sep 2, 2023·edited Sep 2, 2023

The NY Post reported about a pregnant shoplifter who was shot and killed by police after an encounter.

There are obvious reasons as to why this tragedy occurred and not so obvious reasons which probably play the most significant role. Race is now legally used to classify people differently. If you are are an individual of color you belong to a class that is given a special protective status. That is the law. Unfortunately the law is bad, is unconstitutional and creates victims out of people who don't understand it. Furthermore, in many cases, as in the shoplifter's case, the victim ignores the obvious fact that the cop is armed and any encounter could become deadly and deciding who is right or wrong after an unchangeable act occurs cannot be undone.

In some states business owners are required to take courses to help them understand discrimination laws as it may someday apply to them. The time is overdue for kids to be educated in school regarding what may happen in close encounters of the third kind with the police.

Even J6 would have been treated differently had the Federal Government made it clear, prior to the event, what the consequences might have been. If anything considering how BLM and ANTIFA have been treated, in the past, how could anyone not expect people to process outcomes differently? The problem is the government because they want the outcomes that allow them to legally proceed illegally.

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Chuck Todd told Vivek that right wing racial attacks on blacks are far more common than left wing racial attacks on whites. Racial attacks are about race though, not about left vs right and the reason why white attacks on blacks seems so much more common is because the media never calls a black on white racial attack a hate crime since they believe only whites can be racist.

Black racial attacks like the one on the Christmas parade in Waukesha where a black man drove his SUV into a parade to kill as many white people, including children, as possible are not called a hate crime. The media blamed the SUV and brushed it off as no big deal. Such attacks though are a very big deal since they are ripping the social fabric of this society to shreds. And just consider the fact that poisoning race relations is only one of the many ways the democrats are working to destroy America. Great to see clips of Vivek blasting the Squad, Ibram X Kendi and the left in general for their vicious nonstop racism. Well worth watching Megyn blast the left and praise Vivek as a Republican finally hitting back at them. Vivek is great. Super smart and very articulate.

“Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out the Media and For Their Racism.” (10 min)

Megyn Kelly. Aug 28, 2023


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As an aside, I agree with Darrow and Dershowicz that conspiracy shouldn't be a crime at all. On its face, conspiracy is simply communication. Absent the commission of a physical crime, rather than the simple planning of one, there should be no crime recognized. Conspiracy charges are thought crimes and speech crimes, both protected by the Constitution.

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Just imagine what this society will look like a year from now. No borders means no country. In what sense does America even still exist as a country? What do we have in common with democrats who voted for this or with illegals that we know nothing at all about? A society needs at least some degree of trust and commonality to be a country. We have none.

“Democrats Move To Arrest GOP Gov Sending Them Illegal Immigrants As Black Chicago Liberals Revolt!” (16 min)

Black Conservative Perspective. Sept 1, 2023


“Mass. National Guard activated for emergency shelter sites.” (2 min)

CBS Boston. Sept 1, 2023


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Amit Mehta was born in India but yet he comes here, by the good graces of our country, then goes into a position that allows him to decide where we can go, what we can do and what we can say and what is important to us as American BORN patriots.

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Vivek is also an American born patriot. I’d like to see him debate this Amit Mehta but in fact I already know exactly how it would turn out. They’d basically just talk past each other and totally fail to communicate. The Woke would say Amit easily won. The nonWoke would say Vivek just mopped the floor with that guy. We lack a common reality, have become incomprehensible to each other and can no longer communicate. Where is the common ground in such an infinitely wide divide? The same people who insist Jan 6 was an “Insurrection!” have no problem with our open southern border or replacing meritocracy with Equity aka Equal Outcomes. This is just not working at all.

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Julie, please research how many have been arrested for J6 using swat type tactics and then show how peaceful these so called terrorists have been in the face of these extreme methods of arrests.

As far as I know all of these protestors have not resisted arrest and would have voluntarily surrendered themselves in order to spare their families the terror inflicted on them. ......Please get the word out and tell those waiting to be arrested or waiting trial to not lose hope. The truth is these men and women are not terrorists and they have not reacted in anyway to give justification for how they are being treated. Tell them......Do not despair, please reach out to other J6 families and organizations that support them. There is a growing community that has been through what you are experiencing and you are not alone. There will be better days ahead if we continue to stay the course and not give up. We have had too many suicides. Please use your platform.

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Vivek is great. At the 4 min point in the video he’s asked about the Jan 6 protestors and says he’d pardon those, including Proud Boys, who weren’t violent. Voted for Trump twice but this time it’s Vivek. Super smart, articulate, knowledgable in many areas and committed to winning because he understands how evil our Woke ruling class is and how deadly this situation is. America is disintegrating and if we go down the world goes down with us.

Trump is too old and too intensely hated by too many to govern if he won which he wouldn’t since the democrats would steal the election again as they did in 2020. Vivek though is committed to meritocracy and traditional values which will make him popular not only here but globally, especially India since traditional values are part of Hinduism and considered sacred. This global focus on the election will make it impossible for the democrats to steal the election. Vivek is the only one who can make it past the democrat’s hate machine and election cheating and make it to the White House. Could even someone as talented as Vivek though govern a society as severely fragmented as this which will no doubt be in far worse shape a year from now? We will soon see what fate has in store for us.

“Breaking News: Ramaswamy Pledges to Pardon Jan 6 Protestors-Including Proud Boys- Who Weren’t Violent.” (10 min)

Forbes Breaking News. Sept 1, 2023


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Vivek is great even though he took money from Soros and a whole bunch of other stuff that we really don't know yet. I like him... Trump or Vivek are the only ones I will consider as the establishment is going after them - for good reason in their minds.

I just fall upon the fact that Trump is going to have to spend about $500,000,000 on legal fees over the next year... Political persecution anyone? All he has to do is quit and everything stops. He won't because he knows everything will not stop. The man is taking major risks and I have to back that.

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Trump is too intensely hated by too many to govern if he won which he wouldn’t since he’d be cheated out of the election by the democrats. What’s your Plan B for when that happens again? Another protest rally at the Capitol? Vivek explains what the “Works for Soros!” claim is all about. Our society is rotting and collapsing. I don’t believe Trump could reverse that by tossing people like Hillary, Pelosi and Obama in jail. Putting them on trial would be pointless since no evidence would ever convince the democrats they were guilty of anything. We exist in entirely different realities and it’s hard to imagine even someone like Vivek being able to govern plus our society will be in far worse shape a year from now due to social breakdown in our cities and millions of more illegals to deal with. Social breakdown is upon us and time is not on our side.

“Vivek Ramaswamy & Jack Posobiec: I Stand Firmly Against WEF & Soros.” (3 min)

Vivek Ramaswamy. July 23, 2023


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I love ya, gal. I like Vivek, but he needs time and experience other than making cash in the BigPharm world.

Trump will do the most important thing ever like he did in the first term - he will slow down the printing of money and unleash fossil fuel energy. Those things led to deflation and the highest purchasing power of our lives; both are the basis for our prosperity. He will grow the economy organically; capital investment here rather than China(Wall Street). That is it. That is the game that the globalists threw him out for.

I like Vivek and Trump and nobody else, we need business people in charge.

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“I love ya, gal.”

I’m not a gal. I’m male. Seva is just a name I borrowed from one of my cats to use online.

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Sorry, buddy. I knew a female Seva when serving in Europe...

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Democrats will attempt to steal the election from Vivek too. Trump needs to finish what he started.

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The election will be watched too closely globally, especially by India, for the democrats to steal it again. Trump is too old and too hated by too many to govern if he won which he wouldn’t since they’ll steal it again from him.

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Vivek doesn’t have the very heavy baggage of being so intensely hated by so many due to the years of being demonized by the democrats and their media as a monster, another Hitler, evil incarnate, one of the most monstrously evil men to have ever walked the earth. Many believe such things about Trump. Plus Trump is simply too old. Vivek is young and can appeal to many that Trump cannot reach. Vivek is like a breath of fresh air in our stagnant society that always in a state of crisis. People are tired of this. Vivek will also attract much global attention, especially from India. This will make it impossible for the democrats to steal the election as they did in 2020.

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I respectfully disagree. Dems want to rule (not win). The dems will demonize Vivek for his anti-woke views, support of Trump, pardons of J6ers and so on. Republican bottom-feeders and Vivek were invited to S. Dakotas GOP event. All declined. I was disappointed that Vivek declined too. I think there 8000 people in the arena. Who gets that kind of support? I have always thought that Vivek wants a place on TeamTrump and is auditioning. He has a bright future. I trust Trump and want "a bull in the China store" to keep people on their toes. I know Trump can't be bought.

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If Trump made it to the White House he’d be assassinated by the CIA. He’s an existential threat to our ruling class and to the deep state. They will kill him to stop him. No doubt about it.

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A wonderful description of the Inside-the-Beltway-Establishment-Soviet-Stasi-Syle-Show-Trials in this morning's post, Julie. In fact, it occurred to me that we should begin to refer to those who live in DC as occupants of "Moscow-West." These bogus trials which are directed at American citizens who believed that the 2020 Presidential election was fraudulent, rigged and stolen by the Marxists who control the federal government are an indelible stain on the heritage of the United States of America. It certainly validates the fact that our federal government, and subsequent members of the Judiciary, believe it's their responsibility to send a message of intimidation to anyone who dares to question the official "narrative," to which the Marxists' adhere. This most certainly applies to those who inhabit virtually ever branch contained with the "Deep State," including every Department within the Executive Branch of the federal government. To say that this travesty of justice had and continues to have established precedent regarding anyone who feels compelled to do what the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, entitles them to do is frightening. Then again, the Marxists' have repeatedly attacked The Bill of Rights, whether we're referring to the First, Second or Fourth Amendment. And that, of course, is the purpose of these Show Trials. On another note, I am absolutely disgusted with the silence of members of Congress, with precious few exceptions, whether we're referring to the House of Representatives or the United States Senate, to all of the destruction of the Rule of Law which has occurred in "Moscow-West" during the previous 3 and 3/4 years. Why aren't each and every one of them shouting from the steps of Congress about the biased, Marxist judges who have given these incredibly wrong sentences. Perhaps this also illustrates how futile it is to vote for nominal Republicans only to see them becoming card-carrying members of the Uni-Party? Only time will tell...

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Democrats are importing crime and social breakdown. No society can survive this level of stupidity and flat out insanity. Does America even still exist as a country?

“Chicago police are investigating after a migrant living in the lobby of the Near West (12th) District police station was threatened with a knife, beaten, and knocked unconscious, possibly by rival migrants who live in a nearby park.”

“A source familiar with the situation said the migrants who live in the Near West police station don’t get along with the migrants who camp in a lot next door.”

“Migrant living in Chicago police station hospitalized after being attacked by rivals in a city park.”

CWBChicago. Aug 31, 2023


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Yes, it's too late. 90% of the population already folded. That's sad. Are the remaining 10% gonna step up and solve this? We'll see. If not, the game is over and the assholes won

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They cannot win. They can only destroy which is what they are now doing.

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Very impressive. Vivek and his wife, Apoorva, talk about God and religion. Actually quite beautiful. The more I see of both of these people the more Impressed I am. He’d make a great president plus he and his wife would be fabulous role models not only for our deeply troubled society but also for our lost and confused world. These are people who really do seem to be divinely inspired.

Reminds me of the beautiful book "Life of Pi" where Pi says of his experience after a shipwreck of finding himself alone on a boat with a Bengal tiger in the middle of the ocean, "Solitude began. I turned to God. I survived.” When Pi was a Hindu boy in India he also was curious about other faiths such as Christianity and Islam and learned from them which helped him survive later.

“In its true essence, dharma means for a Hindu to "expand the mind". Furthermore, it represents the direct connection between the individual and the societal phenomena that bind the society together. In the way societal phenomena affect the conscience of the individual, similarly may the actions of an individual alter the course of the society, for better or for worse. This has been subtly echoed by the credo धर्मो धारयति प्रजा: meaning dharma is that which holds and provides support to the social construct.”

“Vivek Ramaswamy talks about his Dharma. He is running for US presidency.” (10 min)

Every Devotee has a Story. Aug 31, 2023


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I was curious about this Jenni White who wrote the Federalist article that I posted here in a comment called “Why I Am Joining the Jan 6 DC March for Trump” from Jan 5, 2021 so I did a search in the “Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4” which is better than Google and came up with this interview with Jenni shortly after (Jan 12, 2021). She talks about the rally and says it was nothing at all like the msm portrayal of it. I totally believe Jenni and totally distrust the democrats, their media and also many of the republicans who have strongly supported the official narrative of what happened. And keep in mind that these are the same people responsible for sabotaging Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline to Germany to make sure Germany would not be able to make a deal with Russia to turn it back on. With friends like Joe Biden, who needs enemies? And keep in mind that the msm immediately blamed Russia for the sabotage of their pipeline. These people have no credibility at all.

“We will bring an end to it. I promise you.”

Joe Biden. Feb 7, 2022

“Jenni White on her Experience on Wednesday at the Capitol.” (14 min)

Chicago’s Morning Answer. Jan 12, 2021


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