Julie, I reached out to Congress MTG,Matt Gatez, Stefanik,My Congressman Andy Harris,Jack Poso,Mike Davis informed them of the passing of 22 yr old And 2 more who took their lives and said to find it in their hearts to show up to J6 sentencing hearings they have oversight This reign of terror and ending lives must end. I had to do something. We will see

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I’m going to do the same with my Congressman Ben Cline. We all should be shaking the DC tree. Oh wait, “shaking” an object makes me a terrorist.....

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“We all should be shaking the DC tree.”

An excellent Federalist article below by a woman who has totally lost faith in America. She worked for years to try to get the country to be what it’s supposed to be and totally failed to even budge it. All her years of effort for nothing. Fat lot of good “shaking the DC tree” did her. She’s considered a “domestic terrorist” and could even have been tossed in prison for being at the rally.

“Why I Am Joining the Jan 6 DC March For Trump.”

“0n Nov 4, 2020, I suddenly saw with my own eyes the depth and breadth of the political corruption myself and others had tried and failed to prevent for so many years.”


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I'm a Refugee in the US, I'm not giving up on my adopted country. If we don't light a fire under our elected officials, they'll be a Trey Gowdy clone - lots of yapping and no action. It's time for us to publicly shame the Trey Gowdy parasites.

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Where are you from? I’m retired but worked for many years with mostly immigrants from all over the world in Chicago. Vietnam, Mexico, Assyrians from Iraq, Jews from the Soviet Union, Indian Muslims from Gujarat, a Hindu woman from Mumbai and many other places. Excellent people with traditional values which enabled them to take advantage of the opportunity here and join the American middle class. I know them well since I would often ask them about their former countries and they would tell me stories of their lives. Quite fascinating. I have infinitely more in common with them than I do with Woke white leftists born and raised here as I was. I feel nothing at all in common with the Woke who are evil and insane.

Basically I consider the nonWoke my tribe since we are philosophically the same. Never had a sense that they were different from me. I simply cannot understand the Woke at all. All the Vietnamese and Assyrians strongly supported Trump and even many of the Mexicans did as well. They were appalled by the democrat’s open borders, race obsession and gender switching idiocy.

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I was born in Cuba. Growing up in Miami, we were surrounded by Vietnamese, Haitians - in our young eyes, we were all the same - we were forced to leave our families and grow up in a foreign land.

Yes, Mexicans were the largest Latino voting bloc for Cheeto Man followed by Cubans. I was in Miami on Calle Ocho in July and was able to witness a mini Cubans 4 Trump parade - it was beautiful, gave me chills.

Those of us who were born in Communist 💩holes crack up when the wokesters talk about equity. Equity breeds laziness, we want equal opportunities.

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Julie, I know that releasing the video can cause some bad actors to “play with it” and destroy the credibility...but there are incredibly talented people that through an open source develop the true story of the January 6th.

Julie, you are an incredibly influential. Keep screaming from the mountain top and releasing information for us to put public pressure on our elected malfeasance Republicans.

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Judge Timothy Kelly is an embarrassment to the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government. He is only one of the judges who have meted-out ridiculous sentences to American citizens who were utilizing their First Amendment right to petition for a redress of grievances, specifically the rigged/stolen Presidential Election on 2020. The continuing Soviet-Style Show trials in Moscow-on-the-Potomac are simply more validation that virtually every breathing human, with precious few exceptions, who resides and probably works for the Federal Government are simply Marxist tyrants, some of whom wear judicial robes. Those who are clothed in judicial robes inside Moscow-on-the-Potomac rule by Imperial Judicial Fiat, which is consistent with Marxist values. Regrettably, the members of the UniParty in both houses of Congress,, with few exceptions, don't have the spine to protest the unjust treatment of these January 6th defendants. They judges also probably regret that they don't have access to the Siberian Gulag, This also illustrates how disappointing so many of the judges, who were nominated and confirmed during President Trump's administration, have turned-out to be. And they are part-and-parcel of the continuing attack on anyone who disagrees with the official narrative, especially those who dare to support President Trump.

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The democrats (with Republican help) are waging a two front war: Internally they’re turning America’s War Machine on Trump and supporters. Externally on Putin and Russia. They want Putin dead, the Russian people ground into the dirt and their LGBTQIA+ Pride flag of their Woke faith to fly over the ruins of the Kremlin. They want to do to Putin and Russia what they did to Gaddafi and Libya. When Gaddafi was captured by rebels in Libya I read they sodomized him with a bayonet. Here’s a video clip where Hillary is asked about what happened to Gaddafi. She said “We came, we saw, he died.” and then laughed. Putin and the Russian people know that this is what they want to do to them. Then they will announce to the world that America has brought Freedom and Democracy to Russia. The Russians have very good reason to totally distrust our demonic, globalist, Woke ruling class.

A “Top” Comment on the video is also quite interesting and damning.

“Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died.” (12 sec)

CBS. Oct 20, 2011


“She forgot to add: "He died and we stole 150 tons of gold from the Libyan people!" Libya had accumulated this tonnage to launch a gold backed Pan-African currency. Instead, it was appropriated by the various NATO countries to 'compensate' them for the cost they incurred for their regime change. Go figure the morality of that one.”

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Happy Labor Day, America!

“California jewelry store owners fight back during attempted robbery.” (1 min)

Yahoo News. Fox News. Sept 4, 2023


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A strange and spooky feeling to be living in a society that has collapsed into insanity but just compare the people we have on our side like Elon, Tucker, Tulsi, Vivek and his wife to any of the fanatics on the Woke side. Like the difference between day and night. Watch Vivek and his wife, Apoorva, talk about God and religion. Actually quite beautiful. The more I see of both of these people the more Impressed I am. He’d make a great president plus he and his wife would be fabulous role models not only for our deeply troubled society but also for our lost and confused world. These are people who really do seem to be divinely inspired.

“In its true essence, dharma means for a Hindu to "expand the mind". Furthermore, it represents the direct connection between the individual and the societal phenomena that bind the society together. In the way societal phenomena affect the conscience of the individual, similarly may the actions of an individual alter the course of the society, for better or for worse. This has been subtly echoed by the credo धर्मो धारयति प्रजा: meaning dharma is that which holds and provides support to the social construct.”

“Vivek Ramaswamy talks about his Dharma. He is running for US presidency.” (10 min)

Every Devotee has a Story. Aug 31, 2023


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We’re not in a culture war of left vs right. We’re in a reality war of the Woke vs nonWoke. People like Joe Rogan, Bill Maher, Bret Weinstein, Glenn Greenwald, Kim Iversen and many others are simply nonWoke leftists or classical liberals. Rogan though says we need to address the poverty and crime in some areas of the country. We have tried to do that for at least the last 50 years and have failed because it’s not the poverty causing the crime in places like Chicago. It’s the crime causing the poverty in places like Chicago. Vivek says it’s the missing fathers and family breakdown leading to the social breakdown that causes the crime which leads to the disinvestment and then the poverty. Vivek 2024.

“Bill Maher: The Woke Believe In Race First And Foremost, Like The KKK.”

Real Clear Politics Videos. (4 min) Joe Rogan and Bill Maher. Sept 3, 2023


“How Blatant Anti-White Racism Won Acceptance in Elite America.”

Real Clear Investigations. Sept 7, 2022


“Speak of the Devil: How Demonizing ‘Whiteness’ Spreads White Nationalism.”

By Bret Weinstein. Jun 5,2019


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Culturally, Politically seeing less & less room for live and let live...lose today, there another battle tomorrow. The tribes are sorting themselves out. The Tribes are not Left/Right, Rich/Poor/Republican/Democrat, Minority/Majority, Religious/Non-Religous. Not sure how to describe Our Side from Their Side, but of this I am sure there are US & THEM. I am fairly sure who is an US and who is a THEM. The way I have been looking at politics/culture may not be valid anymore, or are becoming Less Valid.

One mans thoughts, freely give and worth Almost that much.

Some skinny old wise ass September 19, 2020

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“Not sure how to describe Our Side from Their Side,”

I saw a video of Vivek Ramaswamy recently at a Townhall meeting where he was asked what he would do on his first day as president. He said he would issue an Executive Order banning race based affirmative action. That’s exactly the opposite of what Biden did on his first day in office which was to issue an Executive Order to replace meritocracy wherever it can be found with Equity aka Equal Outcomes.

In effect then, this shows that Vivek wants to base America on the ideas of a public intellectual like Thomas Sowell whereas Biden and the rest of our ruling class have already decided to base America on the Equity ideas of Ibram X. Kendi. This is now one of the many profound differences between the Woke vs the nonWoke in America and these do seem to be irreconcilable differences. So now what?

“Douglas Murray- Ibram X. Kendi Is A Race Hustler.” (4 min)

Chris Williamson. Apr 27, 2022


“Glenn Loury Destroys Ibram X. Kendi.” (2 min)

Southern Comfort Productions. Nov 15, 2022


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"I saw a video of Vivek Ramaswamy recently at a Townhall meeting where he was asked what he would do on his first day as president. He said he would issue an Executive Order banning race based affirmative action."

That would apply only to the executive branch of the Federal government.

"“Glenn Loury Destroys Ibram X. Kendi.”"

Thee a good reason Why people like Kendi never engage in debates.

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“7.5 Trillion in Resources?” - Why BlackRock is Trying to control Ukraine. (6 min)

Valuetainment. July 27, 2023


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