My question is why? Why do all of these rats cover for their corruption? What is in it for them? Why does the doj do his bidding? What does he have on those folks? Why? Why so many stinking traitors to our country? They all need a long stretch in one of the worst prisons that can be found.

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Our society is collapsing. Worth watching Vivek Ramaswamy and Bret Weinstein discussing our present condition which certainly is impressively disastrous. The whole 2 hours are well worth watching but especially the last 15 minutes beginning at the 1:48 point in the video. Quite damning of our ruling class. Two of our brightest public intellectuals discussing the profound rot in all areas of our society. Also very good to watch is the Australian AI scientist Alan Thompson talking about how rapidly AI is advancing. The two wild cards now and in our future are Vivek and AI. Both will have a profound impact on our society which is disintegrating and our world which is in a tailspin. The best of times. The worst of times.

“Bret Speaks with Vivek Ramaswamy on the Darkhorse Podcast.” (2:003)

Bret Weinstein. Jun 24, 2023


“GPT-4 hits the ceiling (Theory of Mind, Mensa, Asimov).” (14 min)

Dr Alan Thompson. May 4, 2023


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Here’s a strange but beautiful video of a woman who loves sharks and helps them by removing fish hooks from their mouths which no doubt caused them a lot of pain. They know her and come to her for help. No denying our fallen world is a terrible place full of evil but then there are also many beautiful things that we should be grateful for so it’s not all bad. YouTube is great. I think we’re very fortunate to live in a time when it’s so easy to find so many amazing and beautiful things online. The best of times. The worst of times. That’s basically our situation in a nutshell.

“I love my sharks. This is a wild animal and she’s giving me full trust. It is something to be in awe of no matter how many times it happens. I think sharks are absolutely beautiful!”

“Woman has removed over 300 hooks from shark’s mouths.” (4 min)

Aug 11, 2020


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Vivek says in his interview with Lauren Chen that a Trump presidency would be crippled by the intense hatred of him by 30% of the public due to the years of demonization of him by the democrats and their media. I agree but would put that number at easily 40%. Plus Trump would never be allowed to take office since the democrats are already planning to steal the election in 2024 as they did in 2020. And they could easily get away with it again since there is such intense hatred of Trump by democrats, their media and in the general public.

Vivek says he does not have that very heavy baggage plus as a brown Hindu committed to restoring meritocracy and traditional values he will gain immense global attention especially in India which considers these values part of Hinduism and sacred. With so much attention focused on this election it will be impossible for the democrats to make 2024 a repeat of 2020. Vivek says he admires Trump and he was an excellent president but he has learned from Trump’s mistakes and believes he can use that knowledge to save America. I agree. If anyone can it’s definitely VIvek.

“Exclusive Vivek Ramaswamy Townhall with Lauren Chen.” (21 min)

Lauren Chen. July 25, 2023


“The Left’s Elections ‘Fortification’ in 2024.”

Democrats used Covid-19 as an excuse to transform our elections; they are still at it.

The American Conservative. July 24, 2023


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