Since when is Merrick Garland's word not to interfere with anything related to Trump of any value? I couldn't buy a penny candy (back when they really existed) with it!

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I was watching the documentary, "Fall of Minneapolis"; which was about how the trial of George Floyd was corrupted because of left leaning activist pressure. I was reminded about the effect that the threat of public rioting has on judges & juries.

From a purely Machiavellian viewpoint, the effect of J6 prosecutions has effectively neutered public demonstrations from the right against rulings by ultra-liberal justices. These justices & juries will essentially have no serious constraints due to public pressure. To be clear, this is just an observation, NOT a call to action..

Given this and the fact that Democrats in the Senate are rubber-stamping extremely liberal ideologues to the federal bench (some for life), it does not bode well for conservatives or right-leaning citizens. Particularly if Democrats are in power for 4 more years. It's very disturbing and the effects are long lasting.

Senator Marsha Blackburn gave a speech on the Senate floor concerning this matter.


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What a cluster of self-promoting #itches.

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What is next-the indictment of a Ham sandwich?

Only in America-land of the free-could a person be treated with such ill will by the court system.

The Supreme Court should be a 9-0 in the Colorado decision. If not it's political!

I'll vote for Trump for a third time. And the more the system screws with him, the more determined I am to vote for him.

Crooked Hillary got away with everything and the FBI director Comey helped her.

Trump should have gone after her.

Some country that hacked her server has her emails. I wish they would come forward.

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Having read the Judicial Conclusion and its basis to void Speech and Debate protections, it is time to go after Chuck Schumer and every other Democrat that stood on the steps of the Supreme Court threatening the Justices - they were threats of violence UNLIKE Trumps speech at the Elipse on J6. The charges are the Weissmann broad spectrum Convict anyone of a NON CRIME with a Bull Shit argument and try to sell a judge and jury. This is a guy who is responsible for the destruction of a large company and 10s of thousands of jobs as well as responsible for the deaths of a number of people who he charged. He tried Enron in public with leaking of negative info to favorably bias media. He poisoned jury pools and judges. His case was THROWN OUT at the SCOTUS but he deceptively anchored himself as famous before the JD quietly dumped his ass! He is a PIG!!

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Video and article in this Yahoo News article from Fox News is truly horrible. This former police chief in a suburb of Chicago is talking about how out of control migrant crime is and how impossible it is to deal with it. When police try to arrest them they always fight the police and since they use fake names and fake countries of origin they have no identity so the judges just release them and they’re right back out on the street which is naturally deeply discouraging to the cops. In the video about the migrant crime spree in NYC a police official says they’re “essentially ghost criminals” since they have no identity. This is why it will be impossible to deport them. No country will accept people without a verifiable identity and the migrants know that. We are now just beginning a national nightmare inflicted upon us by the democrats for the sake of political gain. Truly an insanely evil thing for them to have done to our once great nation.

“Chicago criminals expanding enterprises by training migrants for suburban crime sprees: expert.”

Yahoo News. Fox News video interview in the article. Feb 6, 2024


“Migrants arrested in NYC robbery spree.” (3 min)

Fox 5 News York. Feb 5, 2024


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Anyone with half-a-brain who has paid attention knew that the verdict in this Soviet-Show-Trial inside Moscow-on-the-Potomac presided over by Marxists-wearing-black-robes was decided months ago. So, this provides further fodder for the attorneys of former (and future) President Trump to make the anticipated appeal directly to SCOTUS. Then, all patriots can do is pray, first, that they accept the writ of certiorari and, second, that Roberts grows a spine (I could use the vernacular here but I'll keep it G-rated) and agrees with the solid conservative majority. Only God knows how this will develop.

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Nice to see Tucker hitting back so hard against our despicably evil ruling class. Are we already in WW3? “Moscow says it was an assassination attempt on President Putin.” Time is moving faster and faster. No denying that.

“Tucker Carlson to interview Vladimir Putin after Biden interference claims.” (5 min)

Sky News Australia. Feb 6, 2024


“Moscow says it was an assassination attempt on President Putin.”

Putin Assassination Plot: US Behind ‘Attack’ on Kremlin? (1 min)

Vantage with Palki Sharma. Feb 5, 2024


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I highly recommend listening to Prof John Mearsheimer on Ukraine and Dr Jeffrey Sachs on Israel, Hamas, Gaza and America’s involvement in this. These are the things Tucker will be talking about with Putin. No doubt they’ll also talk about how close we are to WW3.

“The most important video on Ukraine.” (7 min)

John Anderson interviews Prof. John Mearsheimer. Jan 10, 2024


“Dr Jeffrey Sachs: Israel’s Most Extremist Govt in History Hellbent on Unending War.” (13 min)

The Hill. Rising. Feb 6, 2024


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