America is disintegrating. Could it be that the reason why America is so rapidly unraveling externally is because it no longer exists as a country internally.

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Vivek is great. Juneteenth should be canceled since the purpose of it is to keep stirring the left’s big pot of anti-white racial hate to get blacks to vote for democrats, the “good whites.” Obviously though this just incites racial hatred of all white people which then leads to black on white racial attacks like the one on the Christmas parade in Waukesha where a black man drove his SUV into a parade to kill as many white people, including children, as possible. The media blamed the SUV and brushed it off as no big deal. Such attacks though are a very big deal since they are ripping the social fabric of this society to shreds. Does America even still exist as a country?

“Vivek Ramaswamy calls Juneteenth a ‘useless’ holiday, suggests canceling.” (2 min)

NBC News. Aug 6, 2023


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J6 was no different from the Afghanistan Debacle Withdrawal. None of it had to turn out the way it did unless it was designed to be so. J6 was all about a needed distraction from a real coup… the election was rigged and a coverup had to quiet the dissenters. What better way than to make them out to be criminals. The same judge that criminalized many is attempting to do the same thing to Donald Trump.

Without a SCOTUS interception America is going to lose its entire judiciary. The SCOTUS could become responsible for its own demise.

All options are now open. There was an attempted coup in 2016. It materialized in 2020. Those in power are as radical in their endeavors to hang on to power as history has born witness to and that includes the Stalinist and Nazi regimes. Atrocities are no longer confined to jurisprudence. The coup enablers and enforcers are just as stupid, just as capable, just as ruthless and, also, just as able to make mistakes in their attempts to prevent the American people from ensuring domestic tranquility as they solidify their power.

The SCOTUS is in their way for sure. How long can they count upon Roberts wanting to enjoy the good social life in DC and Amy to not do her duty? They can’t be sure. At the moment just a handful of Stasi judges have the whole country under their spell in the name of “The Rule of Law”. They need the SCOTUS out of their way. The whole tyrannical construct is about putting people into powerful positions so that they control the levers of power. The bureaucracies/agencies have been established to become very powerful, which was a huge mistake and defies original intentions. They have been infiltrated with personalities which should be tried before the Hague. Trump attempted to Constitutionalize the courts only after Clinton and Obama turned the powerful agencies into fascist strongholds. And plenty of RINOS stood on the sidelines or became willing participants.

The American people are in denial. The way some are handling the big changes is to move into red states. This will not safeguard them from economic ruin, war, climate change tyranny, supply chain failures, grid failures, invasion, crime and whatever else Washington DC can conjure up to defeat humanity and install tyranny.

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The philosopher Kant said “Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.”I believe that human nature is so severely flawed that only AI can save us, not to rule us but just to stop the deranged drive for self-destruction that is so often apparent in human nature. AI is rapidly advancing and Tesla does seem to be way out in front in many ways. We have a bright future ahead of us if we can survive the wildly insane stupidity of our ever more deranged ruling class. We’re very fortunate to have people like Elon and Vivek on our side. Elon says Woke ideology is a mind virus and a threat to civilization which must be defeated. Vivek completely agrees and is committed to restoring meritocracy which is being destroyed by the Woke left’s equity campaign. I highly recommend following the incredibly rapid advance of AI. We will soon find out what fate has in store for us.

“Tesla Reveals The New Dojo Supercomputer!” (13 min)

The Tesla Space. July 30, 2023


“xAI: Tesla’s New Highs Are Coming.” (8 min)

Hayley Eich. July 23, 2023


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Dana Bash cut him off as he was promoting the First Amendment rights for the press, as well as Pres. Trump.

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Either Donald Trump does the bidding of the American people (THE LEGITIMATE VOTER) or another Republican arrives in drag and does the bidding of the Deep State. This is an O.K. Corral Moment. The outlaws are entrenched in Washington D.C. and the lawful are on the outside attempting to get back in.

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Never thought I would see this. Even the Woke progressive media in Chicago is now turning against the Woke progressive government in Chicago. What City Hall did with these “migrant shelters” though is really criminal and this shelter in a closed public school on the south side is a perfect example of that. This “migrant crisis” is happening all over the country and this blatant fraud by the democrats is also happening all over the country and is far from limited to just the “migrant crisis” and the more people who know about things like this the more their support will collapse. This could well be the beginning of the end for our hideously evil Democratic Party. Hope springs eternal.

“Chicago officials refuse to disclose how they spent more than $120 million in tax money.” (5 min)

CBS Chicago. Aug 7, 2023


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The Department of Injustice rules have always been abundantly clear. You prosecute where the jury indicts. Why? So that where you prosecute is privy to the evidence the original jury pool was privy to. Now the rogue prosecutor, Smith, adds charges that the new jury cannot relate to because it was not even done in another state but in biased anti-Constitutional DC and it is inaccessible. Have DC prosecutors any comprehension of the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments?

Get this before the SCOTUS because beneath the SCOTUS is the anti-SCOTUS. Today there exists, in the US, the Constitutional SCOTUS and the Marxist anti-Constitutional anti- SCOTUS, DOJ which has been infected with anti-Constitutional and anti-Trump bias. The DOJ is going to destroy the entire American judiciary unless this is stopped. This is where most of this is going. It is either stopped now or will malinger, grow, metastasize and make American Justice meaningless and worthless. The High Court intercepts or it will, itself, be consumed.

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