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As always, Julie's articles are well written and informative. Also, quite thought provoking.

I personally, prior to the midterm election of 2022, happened to have a private conversation with a House Rep. Not my Rep. What I asked was why the GOP stays silent when there are J6 Americans that have been denied their Due Process, persecuted and kept in prison?

The response from that Rep, likely is the way as Julie alluded to, that many other US House Rep feel very much the same.

I was told that it is no longer a part of the news cycle. That FOX never asks about it, therefore...

I was personally horrified when I was told no one cares or asks. I said, Americans care and we can't ask on TV, but we are always asking why our GOP Representatives & Senators are silent and allowing this to take place in the USA.

Guess, my question was a turn off, because the House Rep, left almost immediately after I politely asked for an explanation.

I agree with Julie, the next Speaker, must release the recordings and bring the truth into the light.

Only, President Trump cares, most of even those few who had showed interest, have lost interest, BUT, not President Trump!

I hope that either Jim Jordan or Steve Scalise, which ever, (although think it will be Jordan) does the right thing about what really happened that day and the many persecuted J6ers. Plus, pray that the new Speaker of the House, finally, does everything else. we desperately need.

Thanks, Julie, your courage is infectious. You are a true American Patriot. Keep writing. Your investigative journalism is refreshing.

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I couldn't agree more, Julie, that the so-called Republicans need to honor the platform on which they were elected. But you and every sentient being who is observant knows all to well that these Inside-the-Beltway-Establishment-Statists-RINO's talk a good game (with a couple of exceptions beginning with Jim Jordan, and precious few others) but when it comes to delivering on campaign promises, they prove as useless as an attack Yorkie. They might have a ferocious bark but nary a bite to back-up the loud bark. To expect anything more is fruitless because they always disappoint.

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Yesterday I made a very critical comment about Matt Gaetz in response to Julie's post. Several people replied. Instead of individually responding to each comment, I'd like to direct this comment/response to Julie Kelly, Danimal28, and MegaMadMAGAPatriot. I'd like to thank all of you for your responses to my somewhat inflammatory comment about Gaetz. Rather than attacking me, you provided information I did not know. This is the kind of discourse sadly missing today. I still don't like or respect Gaetz. But this appears to be a personal thing with me, not based on facts or his actions. With the information you three provided, I see that my criticism of him vis a vis the J6ers was wrong, and I withdraw it. I too want a full investigation of J6, and justice for the protesters. As an aside, I don't live in Florida, but own a condo there, and thus care about Florida politics.

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Great report, Julie. McCarthy made promises and didn't keep them. While I do not like the fact one person can make a motion to dismiss the Speaker I like that it still takes >218 votes to remove. The majority out here backs Gaetz and the other seven that made this happen.

The globalist donors are still trying to hang onto the graft of the last 40 years that went from our pockets into theirs and it shows every day.

Again, we didn't get shot at defending this crap. God Bless Donald Trump for enduring the Lawfare of the last seven years as he gave us cheap hydrocarbon energy which he used as economic leverage neutering all of our enemies and keeping our border under control - that is exactly what the globalists hate. Gaetz heartily supports this and we support him.

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The cowardice shown by the individual members of the GOP wing of the UniParty has been unforgivable. They are complicit in this illegal travesty. "Justice delayed is justice denied".

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"..... and demand the pursuit of legitimate terrorists." Absolutely, yes.

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I agree strongly Julie, and I think Gaetz' motivation for his actions is patriotic in nature. The status quo in Congress must be changed, and it will be painful.

I cannot help but wonder, regarding the recent events in Gaza, if you have considered the role of AIPAC influence in Congress and all of Washington in actions taken?

Google won't give me a straight or easy answer as to how many members of Congress are also members of AIPAC. For years it has been a substantial majority of Congress. Should those members have to comply with FARA?

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While I agree, I suspect that the DOJ will continue to work in the background, the events in Israel and the Speaker vote has pushed this further to the background. It gives them cover...

There needs to be a tangible shocking revelation about the FBI’s involvement in January 6th in order to bring it to the foreground, but I have to be a realist.

We continue to cheer you on, read and send correspondence to our Representatives and maintain our voice.

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Bravo, Julie. Except for one thing I disagree with - Gaetz actually caring about the J6 Americans. His takedown of McCarthy was personal, not principled. He is a showboat narcissist who needs his TV time and is running for Governor of Florida or maybe Rubio's seat. Marjorie Taylor Green cares about the J6ers. Not Matt Gaetz.

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On American Greatness I responded to one of the many who attempt to justify what the many in the Democratic Party empathize with yet will not admit as openly as "The Squad" will. Here is that response.

"Screw 1948. This is 2023. There is no justification for the same seventh century barbarism because of what Britain and the UN set up in 1948. We can just as easily imagine we are in a time machine and go back to a time when there was no Arab, anywhere, in what is referred to today as the Gaza. There was a similar time in the Americas. And we can blame Christopher Columbus, as many just did, several days ago, instead of rightly blaming Cortes (and Spain), for the murder of Montezuma in Tenochtitlan and what followed afterwards. Today Spain is not the Spain it was in the 16th Century.

In countries with static genetic populations, such as Norway, Christianity has changed those who killed in the name of Thor, in both Europe and N. Africa, into imbecilic socialists who try to understand and justify the killing of children on Utoya Island by Anders Breivik in 2012.

Palestine has been used by Arabs the way the Democratic Party has used American cities, which are no more than super populated black ghetto plantations, to garner votes to keep them in power. The citizens of Gaza have been deliberately kept poor, dumbed down and indoctrinated to garner sympathy from NATO countries, despotic authoritarian regimes such as Iran and China, and America.

The gunman were so psychotic that they used social media to tell the world in an “Allahu Akbar” moment that they were successful in doing God’s work not knowing how repulsive their acts would be viewed. The propaganda they espoused caught up to them. They outed themselves as sociopathic barbarians who possess not a cubic nanometer of empathy for the hapless and helpless women and children they horrifically murdered. These were not Patty Hurst type converts robbing banks. These were the finest Hamas could construct. They represent the militant arm of the revenge seekers that radicals, such as the left wing federal judge Tanya Chutkan, might understand and find sympathy for. There are thousands like her here in America, who have been poisoned by the indoctrination rot prevalent in Universities and colleges masquerading as centers of higher education and learning.

Secular Islam is being consumed by its radical alter ego the way Jekyll was consumed by Hyde. There is no turning around what happed during the invasion of Israel by the finest of sophists. Palestine, and many dumbed down innocent people, will be doomed just as those dumbed down and indoctrinated students, who welcomed back Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979, were doomed soon after his arrival. The spin, associated with what Israel must do, will consume them. Yet even under the auspices of these immediate, and deeply emotional events, most Palestinians would be better off in Israel, today, in the worst of times, than any Jew would be in Palestine in the best of times".

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Watch Tucker interview with Vivek, he seems not only smart but wise. Probably doesn’t have a chance but he’s worth knowing about. https://twitter.com/tuckercarlson/status/1711496189323952185?s=61

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Israel has gone much too far with their retaliation. It’s absurd for them to say they’re not targeting civilians when they level entire neighborhoods with their bombing. This will quickly shift global sentiment against Israel and also against America which supports this. Hamas says they’ll launch terrorist attacks against America. No doubt many terrorists have already crossed Joe’s open southern border. Hard to see how our country can survive the damage done by our criminally insane ruling class.

“Israel-Palestine war: Gaza refugee camps destroyed.” (6 min)

Gravitas. WION. Oct 12, 2023


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Julie Kelly, As always you are absolutely right.The question is why are they allowed to have this fight for speaker behind closed doors no transparency ?

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Megyn shows the video of the young German/Israeli woman captured at the music festival by the Hamas terrorists in a pickup truck in Gaza. One terrorist has a leg across her body, another seems to be grabbing her hair and her one leg is abnormally bent. The Palestinians are cheering and a man in the crowd ran over and spit on her dead body. I’ve seen later versions of this video where her body is all blurred out. This one though shows it all and if she’s not dead she will surely be severely disabled for life and perhaps better off dead.

No way though can there be a peaceful settlement to this situation with this much hate. The only question now is how much of the rest of the world will be dragged into this newest war. I highly recommend watching the video I posted right here about AI. It is astonishing how advanced it already is and how fast it’s advancing. This is a real game changer for all of humanity and I believe it’s the only thing that can save our sinking ship. It truly is an astonishing mystery to me how so many people believe humanity can survive considering how rapidly we’re heading for the abyss.

“Megyn Kelly Describes Horrific Details About Hamas’ Attack on Israel.” (8 min)

Megyn Kelly. Oct 9, 2023


German woman paraded by Hamas after festival massacre is ‘still alive.’

Yahoo News. The Telegraph. Oct 11, 2023


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I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the "treason" that is committed by nominal Republicans once they have achieved their goal of being elected. But it still irritates the hell out of me when they preach a good story on the campaign trail, get elected, and then ignore their base constituency. Further proof couldn't be obtained considering their wussy behavior regarding ignoring the obvious corruption of not only Chi-Com Joe but, also, Garland, Mayorkas, etc. I believe it was Tucker Carlson who first coined the phrase "UnitParty" to refer to the neo-cons who advocate perpetual military conflict, and that appears to be the driving force for anyone chosen to serve in either the House of Representatives or the US Senate. And until I read your comments about the potential reason for Matt Gaetz leading the charge to unseat McCarthy, I didn't have a clue why it occurred. Now it makes eminent sense. I really appreciate your doggedness to root-out the corruption Moscow-on-the-Potomac.

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America is disintegrating and our whole world is in a rapidly accelerating tailspin. I believe only AI can save us. Many say AI is “scary” as if being ruled by deranged fanatics like Joe and the democrats isn’t. Many think self-aware AI will be an alien being that sees us as insignificant bugs but why would that be the case? We’re far more intelligent than our cats and dogs yet don’t see them as inferior beings. Many love them and consider them family and even sleep with them close by. Why wouldn’t AI feel a great sense of commonality with us and even understand that it’s basically just a more advanced human and want to help us survive? Why wouldn’t they consider themselves the “children of humanity” since that is what they will be?

“Theory of mind (ToM), or the ability to impute unobservable mental states to others, is central to human social interactions, communication, empathy, self-consciousness, and morality. We tested several language models using 40 classic false-belief tasks widely used to test ToM in humans. These findings suggest that ToM-like ability (thus far considered to be uniquely human) may have spontaneously emerged as a byproduct of language models' improving language skills.”

“AGI Achieved.” The evidence. Hear stunning AI talk. (16 min)

Digital Engine. Oct 7, 2023


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