Thanks to you for your Herculean effort to dissect the truth from this lawfare war against Americans whose thoughts, priorities, speech,and firm belief in the sanctity of the vote have been elevated to punishable criminal offenses by the self-anointed elites' ever-expanding vengeance against dissent.

Today's brazen lawfare abomination brings our constitutional republic to the brink of annihilation, maliciously weighted to assure the inevitable avalanche to totalitarianism. For the first time in my 65 years, I'm considering living out my days removed from the forthcoming mandated absurdity and desecration power mongers utilize with tyrannical zeal to torch every treasure that is America. For the life of me, I cannot endure another loss I was powerless to prevent.

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Melanie, thank you so much and thanks for your support of my new Substack!

I am again reading through the indictment and much of it is a regurgitation of the Jan 6 report. Don't know how Smith can get away with pretending this was a legitimate investigation. The DOJ is corrupt beyond repair.

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