Thank you for continually reporting on J6 political prisoners. You are tenacious and brave! Please keep up the great reporting!

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Thank you for honoring our service, Julie, and whomever is assisting you.

God Damn Matthew Graves as the man is evil.

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Jan6 is the 'Reichstag Fire' for the Establishment. Democratic voters in my suburb voting district cite Jan6 as the 2nd most important reason (after abortion) they will vote Democratic. So as long as the Establishment sees Jan6 as a key voter issue, the FBI swat team raids will continue. Biden's DOJ/FBI will find ways to circumvent the 'Statute of Limitations' for Jan6 charges.

The FBI raids also serve as a form of censorship and intimidation. Take the FBI swat team raid on Lisa Gallagher the day after Joe Biden gave his divisive 'Hate MAGA' speech in Philadelphia on Sept 1st 2022 (prior to the mid-terms). Someone called the FBI tip-line and claimed that Lisa Gallagher was at the Jan6 protests. She adamantly says wasn't even in DC on Jan6. I believe her (not the FBI).

I'm grateful to the courageous FBI whistleblowers such as Steve Friend, Kyle Seraphin, Garret O'Boyle and Marcus Allen who have exposed the Rot/Corruption at the FBI.

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Isn't it interesting to witness how facts simply don't matter in this continued persecution of Trump supporters? What is simply amazing, and gutless, is how few of the elected representatives in Congress, who nominally are supposed to be Republicans, have the spine to raise hell about the unconstitutional incarceration of said Trump supporters! Why aren't they screaming from every available rooftop about these Soviet-Show-Trials? Why have they turned a blind eye to the actions/behavior of the Stasi-style-Secret-Police? Or are they completely compromised by the Marxist-Democrat-Party inside Moscow-on-the-Potomac?

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The DoInjustice, and their thug subordinate, the FBI, have lost all credibility. They must be rechartered and reconfigured once we restore a LEGITIMATE government.

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Could you ever imagine that America no longer has to teach history regarding Nazi Germany? Why? Because we now have become a dysfunctional example!

The case is meritless yet it exists because of what America has become under the plague of Obama appointed justices and prosecutors. Jack Smith, and his band of Merry Prosecutors, are rewriting law using whole cloth. It is pure fabrication. It is speculation based on what he would like the law to be. As a prosecutor he sucks but as an officer in fascist Germany's Third Reich he would have been promoted. Stalin would have saved him, post defeat, for use in E. Germany to run the Stasi police force which he is exceptionally qualified to do.

The DOJ, FBI and the DHS are on a tear because they know if Trump is elected the tables will be turned and they will most likely get what they deserve. Andrea Widburg wrote: "In 2024, if Biden wins, republicans will concede defeat, leaving America to burn. In 2024, if Trump wins, democrats will burn America. No matter the outcome, the war for America will still have to be fought and Americans will still need to Stand Up". The war she is speaking about is the war the America people must fight against the Intel Establishment to get their Constitution back.

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I just listened to a portion of an Interview of Steve Baker Hosted by Steve Friend on Rumble (on Kyle Seraphin's Show): - 10/27/2023

Listen to minutes 11:00 to 15:00, where Steve Baker describes what's involved in obtaining video clips of the events in the Capitol on Jan6 :



Based on what Steve Baker described, I realize that you have to go through a painstaking series of steps in order to obtain the video clips for your articles. I am grateful for your articles and your patience in obtaining the Jan6 videos included in your articles. It's an arduous process.

Summary of Steps to Obtain CCTV video of Jan6 events in Capitol: (paraphrasing Steve Baker):

You go into a secure room with a staffer to use one of the 3 consoles. Your smartphone is moved away from the consoles to prevent you from recording the video clips. You have to manually write down the camera numbers and timestamps for the video clips that you want. Then your request for the video clips has to be approved. After a presentation is assembled from the video clips, the presentation has to undergo a security review, since there are certain areas of the capital that aren't allowed to be in the presentation. Phew!!

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The democrats (with republican help) are already waging a two front war: Internally they’ve turned America’s War Machine on Trump and supporters. Externally on Putin and Russia. They want Putin dead, the Russian people ground into the dirt and their LGBTQIA+ Pride flag of their Woke faith to fly over the ruins of the Kremlin. They want to do to Putin and Russia what they did to Gaddafi and Libya. When Gaddafi was captured by rebels in Libya I read they sodomized him with a bayonet. Here’s a video clip where Hillary is asked about what happened to Gaddafi. She said “We came, we saw, he died.” and then laughed. Putin and the Russian people know that this is what they want to do to them. Then they will announce to the world that America has brought Freedom and Democracy to Russia. The Russians have very good reason to totally distrust our demonic, globalist, Woke ruling class.

A “Top” Comment on the video is also quite interesting and damning.

“Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died.” (12 sec)

CBS. Oct 20, 2011


“She forgot to add: "He died and we stole 150 tons of gold from the Libyan people!" Libya had accumulated this tonnage to launch a gold backed Pan-African currency. Instead, it was appropriated by the various NATO countries to 'compensate' them for the cost they incurred for their regime change. Go figure the morality of that one.”

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I’m so outraged that after three years, Greg Yetman has been hunted down and caged like an animal. Who is going to save any of us from a similar demise? I cannot understand the passivity of our elected representatives who claim they abide by our constitution. What has happened to these J6 protesters is Un-American in every way. Shame on any fellow citizen who thinks any American deserves this kind of treatment from our government of supposed free citizen, especially one who would voluntarily sacrifice his life to defend American freedom. God is watching and those complicit in allowing this human degradation will be judged by him. I’m physically sick at the thuggery of our own federal enforcement agencies who have turned on their own citizens. Thank God for Julie trying to expose this truth. Lonely as she is in her mission now, the future will praise and vindicate here for her honest effort to expose this disgusting chapter in America’s history.

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Julie, I just heard the news on WMAL that all Jan 6 tapes are being released. I hope you view this as a personal victory as your voice, reporting and doggedness is no doubt one of the influencers getting it done!!!

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I agree with everything Bret Weinstein is saying here about how the fate of the “human experiment” is at stake due to the immensely powerful weapons we now have. I believe though that we are too far gone to save ourselves and only AI can save us. Everything is moving faster and faster so we will soon see whether or not we have a future.

“Bret Weinstein: Cosmopolitan West is driving us towards an ‘unquestionable’ existential crisis.” (10 min)

GBNews. Oct 21, 2023


“Speak of the Devil: How Demonizing ‘Whiteness’ Spreads White Nationalism.”

By Bret Weinstein. Jun 5, 2019 (6 min)


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I agree with most of your insightful analysis.

I am encouraged that a remnant, a damn well armed remnant, has made a big difference throughout history. My money is on the veterans and patriots of many stripes. Paraphrasing Lt. Gen. Lewis “Chesty" Puller…we are surrounded, situation perfect, any direction we strike, we engage the enemy.

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We need to fortify our internal world as much as possible to help us survive the severe storms already upon us in the external world. Religion is the best way to do that.

“Negative theology, also known as apophatic theology, is a theological approach that describes God by negation, speaking of God only in terms of what He is not (apophasis). It conceives of ultimate reality as so transcending human thought that it can be described only negatively . It is often allied with mysticism, which aims at the vision of God beyond the realm of ordinary perception.”

“Freedom and God are objects of faith, not of knowledge; in other words, freedom and God are infinite abysses whose bottoms cannot be sounded by knowledge.” Simone Weil. French mystic. 1909-1943

“Infinite and finite, complex and simple, He is nature above nature, being above being. Maker of all, he is made in all, Unmoving, he enters the world, Timeless in time, unlimited in limited space, And he who is no thing becomes all things.” Eriugena, medieval theologian.

“Caroline Campbell-What child is this”

Assisi, Italy. Basilica Superiore - 2015


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The only solution is radical downsizing of the entire federal government. Complete restructure. Purging the leftists. This stewardship has been long overdue from a negligent, self-dealing Congress. Eisenhower warned against this concentration of power. Structural reforms should have been undertaken every 40-50 years.

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Thank you for all you do. Love your reporting in the Warroom

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People should start paying attention to how fast AI is moving and what a game changer this will be for humanity. The best of times. The worst of times.

“Mind Reading Technology”- Raytheon Whistleblower Shares Shocking Information. (4 min)

Valuetainment. Nov 15, 2023


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