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As you know, our country has entered unchartered political territory. The descent into banana republic-style rule in America continues to accelerate under the despotic Biden regime, particularly at the U.S. Department of Justice. Led by Merrick Garland and Lisa Monaco, a longtime Obama loyalist, the DOJ acts as the not-so-secret police for the Democratic Party, using its unfettered authority to destroy the lives of Americans opposed to their agenda.

For years, I have covered how the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world is bastardizing the law and exploiting anti-terror measures to criminalize political dissent in America. DOJ officials and line prosecutors aren’t the only villains; unaccountable federal judges of both parties act as nothing more than a rubber stamp in granting DOJs every wish, setting dangerous legal precedent for future regimes to follow.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s dual investigations into Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents and his alleged role in the events of January 6 represent an unprecedented level of lawfare against the former president and Joe Biden’s presumptive Republican rival. Smith’s criminal indictment against Trump for the “willful” retention of national defense materials and conspiracy to obstruct the investigation is only the beginning. Smith’s biggest bombshell will be a multi-felony indictment against Trump and several associates, perhaps including a few attorneys, for January 6.

Armed with detailed, institutional knowledge of everything related to January 6, I can provide unique insights and background into the forthcoming indictments for January 6 as well as updates on the court proceedings in the classified documents case. And as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves adds to his January 6 caseload, a figure he promised to double, by continuing to charge Trump supporters every week for their involvement in a political protest more than two-and-a-half years ago, I will tie all these events together to demonstrate the retaliatory vengefulness of Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

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