Sitemap - 2023 - Declassified with Julie Kelly

2024: All Eyes on SCOTUS

Judges Behaving Badly

"A Red Flag": Is SCOTUS Poised to Overturn Key J6 Felony Count?

Jack Smith's Rush to Judgment

The Gutted Gag Order

More Missing J6 Committee Evidence: Where are Secret Service Records?

My Latest Piece for Real Clear Investigations

Capital Crime and Cover-Up: Where are the J6 Committee Videos?

The Thin-Skinned Mr. Smith

A Conversation with Dr. John Eastman

Happy Thanksgiving!

Time for Truth and Accountability J6 Committee

Video Contradicts DOJ Allegations Against NJ Man Subjected to Armed FBI Raid, Manhunt

Trial Date in Classified Documents Case in Flux

Televised FBI Manhunt Demonstrates Ongoing Pursuit of J6 Protesters

"The Forrest Gump of January 6 Cases"

Chaos in the Classified Documents Case

My Newest Piece for Real Clear Investigations

Trump Wants Cameras in the Courtroom. DOJ Does Not.

Trump Moves to Dismiss January 6 Case

Next Week: Premiere of "Police State"

The Gag Order Contempt Trap

Full Court Transcript from Trump's Gag Order Hearing on October 16

Gagging Trump

What If SCOTUS Tosses a Key January 6 Felony?

The Next Speaker Must Deliver on Jan 6 Promises

Hillary's "Deprogramming" Wish and the FBI's Latest Excuse to Hunt MAGA "Terrorists"

My Latest Piece for Real Clear Investigations

Yes, Jamaal Bowman Deserves the January 6 Treatment

Media Roundup

Why Did DOJ--and Ray Epps--Lie About Ray Epps?

Fact-Checking Merrick Garland's "Fair" DOJ

Jack Smith's Real-Life Bogeyman

Another Whitmer Fednapping Case Goes Boom

My Interview With Joseph Biggs


Why Ken Buck is Wrong About J6 Defendants

Media Roundup Week of September 4

What Seditious Conspiracy?

Judge Timothy Kelly: In His Own Words

Media Roundup

Florida Grandmas, Obstructionists, and Fence Shakers: America's New Terrorists

Judge Chutkan Compared January 6 to 9/11 and Boston Marathon Bombing

Mike Pence's Rewriting of His January 6 Heroism

Media Roundup

Sorry, Ron DeSantis: January 6 Isn't Going Away

My Piece on Real Clear Investigations

Appellate Court Overturns Excessive Sentence for January 6 Defendant

Jack Smith's "Flight Risk" Deception

How Fani Willis Trumped Jack Smith

Interview Roundup

The Sloppy, Dirty, Secret Grab of Trump's DMs

Who is Michael Jones?: FBI Informant Planted in Proud Boys Caught on Tape on January 6

The Mudslinging Begins in Jack Smith's Jan 6 Case Against Trump

DOJ Lawyers Handling Trump J6 Case Declined to Prosecute Disgraced FBI Chief Andrew McCabe

Trump Indicted for Attempts to "Subvert" the 2020 Election

Will Jack Smith Seek Pretrial Detention for Donald Trump in January 6 Case?

One DOJ Official Could Have Stopped Biden Family Crime Racket Years Ago: Jack Smith

J6 Celebrity Cop Appears Uninjured in New Video Despite Testimony He Was Going to "Die" on January 6

Judge Sets Trump's Classified Docs Trial Date--Now What?

Trump Confirms He's a Target of Special Prosecutor Jack Smith's Investigation into January 6

J6 Provocateur Ray Epps Sues Fox News for Defamation

VIDEO: Police Ambush Peaceful Protesters in Rotunda on January 6

Wife of D.C. U.S. Attorney All-Access White House Pass

January 6 Security Footage of Capitol Southwest Lawn

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